Slack is an online communication platform mainly aimed at companies.
It allows the creation of a workspace where the different collaborators can, via a web app, exchange messages, send files and launch audio and video conversations.
Find out how to create an account, sign in, sign out, or delete your Slack account by following the steps below.

Sign in to Slack account

Login to Slack

Log out from Slack

Delete a Slack account

Create an account

To use Slack, you must create or join a workspace.
To do this, go to the home page of the site and click on “First Steps”.
If you don’t have a workspace, click “Create a Slack Workspace”.
Fill in your full name (first name + surname), your email address and a password (6 characters minimum). Choose whether or not you want to receive emails from Slack and then click on “Create an Account”.
Confirm your registration with the code received by email. (It may be found in junk mail).
Then fill in your workspace information: the name of your company, the role of your workspace (working on a project, sharing ideas…) and the emails of the people you wish to invite.
Your workspace is now created and you are logged in!
To know the address of your workspace, click on your profile at the top left of the application. It is located under the name of your company (ex:
To join a workspace, the administrator must have invited you by email.
If not, click on “Connect to Slack” and enter your professional email address to find out the address of your workspace.
Follow the steps on the screen to create your Slack account.

Sign in to Slack account

Login to the account

To log in to Slack, access the online site or the application.
Fill in your workspace address and your login details (email address and password). Click on “Login”.


Log out from the account

To log out of Slack, you must be already connected to the web app.
Click on your name in the top left corner of the application.
Simply click on “Log out of… (Workspace)”.
You can also choose to log out of all other sessions in your account settings (Account > Settings section).

Log out

Delete an account

To delete your Slack account, you must first deactivate it.
Log in and click on your name in the application. Click “View Profile”.
Select “More” and then click “Account Settings”. At the very bottom, click “Deactivate Account.
Once your Slack account is deactivated, you can request that the service permanently delete your profile from an online form. (This request is mandatory if you are the administrator of a workspace).
Fill in the name of the company, the URL of the workspace, the name of the workspace as well as your profile information (email address, name). Click on “Submit”.
If you are the owner of a workspace, you can otherwise delete it from the Settings and Permissions > Settings section (the option is at the very bottom of the page). Remember to export your data before deletion.

Delete an Slack account

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