iCloud is an online storage service available on smartphones (iOS, Android), Macs and PCs. iCloud allows you to transfer photos, videos, music and other documents to remote servers. These files can be shared with other users and retrieved on other iCloud-enabled devices.

Find out how to create an account, sign in, sign out, or delete your iCloud account by following the steps below.

Sign in to iCloud account

Login to iCloud

Log out from iCloud

Delete a iCloud account

Create an account

An iCloud account is similar to an Apple account. If you have already created an account for iTunes, iBooks, Apple, and other related services, you already have valid credentials. If you don’t have any of these accounts, please go to the Apple IDs page.
Click “Create an Apple ID” at the bottom of the page. Fill out the form and then click “continue”. Verify your email address with the code you received and your account is now created and available.

Sign in to iCloud account

Login to the account

To log in to an iCloud account, you can log in on the iCloud page or install the iCloud software on the official download page. At the bottom of the page, select the platform you are using: an Apple device or a PC.
For a Mac, go to the Apple menu and click on “Software Update” to make sure you have the latest version of the OS, then in the same Apple menu, click “iCloud”, and use your Apple ID to log in.
On a Windows PC, download the iCloud application, then double-click Icloud.exe to install it. Accept the rules, then check “update automatically”, restart your computer, and then use your login credentials to log in.


Log out from the account

To log out on iOS, go to the Apple menu, “Settings” (on iPhone/iPad) or “System Preferences” (on Mac). On iPhone and iPad, select your name, scroll down the page and press “Logout”.
Enter the password, then press “disable”, make sure you have checked the services you want to keep a backup of, then select “Logout”.
_On Mac, once in the system preferences, do the same and then click “log out” on the left.

Log out

Delete an account

You cannot completely delete the iCloud account but you can disable it. On iOS, go to “Settings”, then “iCloud”, and drag down and choose “Delete”.
On Mac, go to “System Preferences” in the Apple menu, then click “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” and on “Icloud” and uncheck all services.
On PC, click on the windows icon at the bottom left, go to “Settings”, then “Applications”. Find iCloud, click on it then on “uninstall”, and confirm the following steps.

Delete an iCloud account

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