Instagram is a social network available on Windows 10, iOs and Android. Instagram allows you to share and edit photos with messages.
Find out how to create an account, sign in, sign out, or delete your Instagram account by following the steps below.

Sign in to Instagram account

Login to Instagram

Log out from Instagram

Delete a Instagram account

Create an account

You can create an Instagram account on PC, Mac, and smartphone. Go to and click on “Register” (or “Connect with Facebook”).
Enter your personal information, then click on “Registration”.
Add your profile picture, connect to your Facebook account to add contacts: you now have access to Instagram.
In the PC and Mac browser version, you cannot publish your pictures but you can follow Instagram accounts, like and comment on publications.
To publish on Instagram, download the Windows 10 application, iOs (on the iOs store) or Android (on Googleplay).

Sign in to Instagram account

Login to the account

To log in to your Instagram account, go to if you only want to read and react to publications or log in to the application (on Windows 10, iOs or Android).
You can download the app on, and receive the download link on your phone.
All you have to do is enter your username and password.


Log out from the account

To log out of Instagram, go to or start the app.
Click on the icon in the top right corner, in the form of a cog, then click on “Disconnect”.

Log out

Delete an account

You can deactivate or delete an Instagram account. To deactivate an account, go to the home page, enter your login and password, then click on the icon in the top right corner and on “Edit Profile”. Click on “Temporarily deactivate my account” and enter the password. Your contacts and followers will no longer see your posts. Simply return to the same menu to reactivate your account.
To permanently delete your account, go to the Instagram account deletion page, enter your username and secret code, select a reason to close the account, add the password and validate on the red button ” Permanently delete my account “.

Delete a Instagram account

Block someone

Blocking someone on Instagram will prevent them from seeing your profile, identifying you in photos or even sending you messages.
To block (or unblock) someone on Instagram, first access their profile.
Click on the profile settings (three small dots) at the top right and choose “Block”.

Alternatively, you can unblock a user by clicking “Unblock.

Block someone

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